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In summers, direct sunshine can cause the roof temperatures to rise as high as 70 – 80 deg C. Cemented and paved surfaces absorb a tremendous amount of heats and can hold the heat for a considerable amount of time. This is the reason you feel your rooms situated at higher levels considerably hotter. The best way to rectify this situation is to protect your roof. Here Roof Solution chemicals come to your help to provide heat proofing services and heat proofing solutions for all kinds of roof. We provide best in the market, proven and imported heat proofing formula to keep your roofs protected against the harsh environment 365 days a year. A hassle-free roof heat proofing service to you provides you instant protection against sunlight. The chemical helps absorbing minimum heat through it and to reflect the maximum part back into the atmosphere. This efficient sunlight reflecting formula helps you save cooling energy as well as a protection to your sweet home. This formula gives your grey structure the shield to bear seasons for the lifetime.